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Praise for Alien Vision
"Fresh images in every waveband, and clear, brief accounts of how they work. The title is a little too negative; once you've read this book, they won't seem alien at all!"

Philip and Phylis Morrison  
Cambridge, Mass.  
Co-authors of Powers of Ten  

"The new "seeing" technologies shine light across a wide range of frequencies, from microwaves to X rays. For a richly illustrated survey of the topic, take a look at Austin Richards' just-published Alien Vision: Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum with Imaging Technology."

The Vision Thing  
Peter Huber  
Forbes Magazine, 01.07.02  

"What is revealed by 'invisible light' in Alien Vision is an amazing new look at hidden parts of the world we live in, and the reader comes away with a new fascination for physics."

Steve Bridge  
Tri-County Business and Technology Review  
March, 2002  

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