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A New Book
Alien Vision: Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum with Imaging Technology is a new book by Austin Richards, PhD. Austin is a physicist, multi-media artist, teacher, and author based in Santa Barbara, California.

Alien Vision Asks
What if we could see in any wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum, from gamma rays to radio waves? How would the world appear to us? The answer is that technology enables us to "see" in nearly any wavelength we like, and the world we see is full of surprises! The unaided human eye can only see one octave of the electromagnetic spectrum, yet electronic imaging technology has allowed us to observe the world in over 60 octaves!
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Do you have an image that would be appropriate for this book? Send it to me! If I use it in the next edition, I will acknowledge you in the photo credits and preface and send you a complimentary signed copy of the book!

Write me at user name = austin, domain name = austinrichards.com

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